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How'd I Get Started?

Once upon a time, I decided to follow my entrepreneurial instincts and build a business. A restaurant! I saved a good amount of money, invested in the proper materials and certifications, and before I knew it Lady Luck had our business in the spotlight (metaphorically.) Uber Eats, Groupon, and a handful of local businesses were more than happy to be part of a 4.8 rated restaurant, and for a time, we soared. 



There's no better learning experience than owning your first business. Sadly, mine "failed." I put too much money into search engine/social media advertisements, and not enough into my own SEO. I had to close shop with a lack of funds, and a college tuition to pay. 

My restaurant "failed." However, it did not fail. I say this because although I had to close my doors to the public, our reach and our reputation remain spectacular to this day. A success is when you set out to do something, and you get it done. the Midnight Bakery happened!

The Result

When the Bakery closed, I knew I had found my passion. I wanted to be a part of all kinds of businesses. Food is great, but so is event-hosting, fashion, forums, online stores! My goal was to set out and establish myself as a digital service provider.

Backed with my recent experiences, Greg Smith, founder of requested my service. With my first client, and my first project, I began a new entrepreneurial journey.

Here We Are!

You've seen my story, so I hope you've gained some insight into my goals and aspirations. Now let me hear yours! I'm always available for a conversation over the phone, email, or even Skype. Local to the Tampa Bay? So are the majority of my clients, who I have the pleasure of meeting in person. I look forward to hearing from you.


Michael Scott Schermer