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How much do you charge?

I charge depending on the size of the project, the timeline and client requests. Although you can expect more-than-competitive pricing from me, my rate will vary between projects. You can expect me to quote a project between $25 and $45/ph. Long-term maintenance partnerships and other long-term agreements generally lead to a much lower rate.

After a few emails back and forth, or a phone call if you're up for it, I'll have a custom quote that envelopes all your business' needs.

What is Wild Life's Phone Number?

You can reach me directly at 954-899-4180, however I'd much prefer to communicate via email, prior to any phone calls. Using email communication in the early phases of partnerships helps me to keep records of conversations, and refer to discussed material.

How Do I Know What You're Doing to My Business?

Thorough communication through any project with our clients is a given. Usually clients opt for a text document detailing work in a date/time format. Browse our website, talk to us and let us get to know you.

Trust is an important part of any business relationship, however I believe in total transparency, and offer as much insight into real time progress as possible.

Who's Ideas- Mine or Yours?

The creative process in a best-case scenario is a collaborative effort between the client and Mike, Wild Life's designer and marketer.

We know that your business or potential business has a niche, and you know it well. Tell us what your goals are and what you want to include, we'll come up with relative, quality creative content.

Still Have Questions?

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