Worry Free Sites for Kids

Not everyone has the time or capability to manage their child’s online browsing. In my previous article we went over restricting access to certain websites. Depending on the maturity of your child however, it might instead be wise to only allow some select websites, rather than trying to restrict infinite others. From the Windows safety…

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WWW Block: Kid-Friendly

Social media, web design

As an involved parent, you’re aware of your child’s habits and interests. Most children, including yours use the internet on a daily basis, and the majority of these kids are searching totally harmless material. Regardless, they will eventually come into contact with less-than-stellar people, with less-than-stellar intentions. Not to worry, we can limit those chances!…

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Parent’s Guide: Social Media

Social media

It’s 9 PM, do you know where your children are? No, not sleeping. Little Joey’s on his phone, browsing the internet, learning all kind of things. If you found yourself on this article, chances are you want your kids to have a safe, educational experience while they surf the web, and you’re not alone. It’s…

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