A Guide to the Golden Goose Blog: Let’s Make Some Money

Blogging might seem like a carefree hobby to the naive, but in reality there is a career to be made here. After all, the importance of information and creative content is not to be underestimated.
In this article I’ll be going over a few helpful tips to begin a blog, attract traffic to that blog, and begin monetizing said blog.

Determine Your Niche
It’s important to know what you’ll write about. Choose a topic you understand and share your unique perspective. For example, a blog following the day to day life of a handicapped individual’s service animal would not only be interesting, but the content would be rare and valuable, because there are few sources that write on this topic.

Build Your Website
It’s important to build a website that is not only appealing, but also displayed your information in easily accessible tabs and pages. Most bloggers who intend to make a profit from their work choose to have their websites professionally designed to eliminate extraneous variables. Variables such as website speed, internal SEO formatting, appeal, and site structure are all important to take into consideration for a website’s development.

Host Your Blog
There are ways to blog for free, however in any situation where you do not own a host plan, you will find it virtually impossible to make money from blogging. Bloggers who host their sites own the traffic visiting, and may direct the traffic with ads to other websites. This is a way to make money with affiliation programs, and is impossible to do without a hosting plan

Advertise Your Blog
Once your blog is live on the web, your content is published, and your site is looking good, you’ll want to create social medias for your site and advertise on these platforms (it’s free.)
By simply sharing your recent articles in social media groups, you’ll find a substantial increase in website traffic. The amount depends entirely on your effort and the quality of your content.

Track Your Traffic
Track the traffic coming to your website with various tools in order to explain to potential affiliates how popular your site is. Once you have a decent amount of traffic, you’ll be able to begin making some money.
Making Money Blogging

There are three great ways to make money as a blogger. Promotional content, backlinks, and affiliation programs. All of these methods are actually quite similar. You take your traffic, and convince it to go somewhere else. The more traffic you drive, the more money you get.
Promotional content involves reviewing a product or service in a positive manner and displaying the review across your platform. Bloggers can make anywhere from a few bucks to hundreds depending on the quality of their site and traffic.
Linking your popular site to a less popular site is another method of making money. By linking to less popular websites, those websites will receive credibility (to an extent) in the eyes of Rank Brain (Google.) People pay money for this, and you should get a feel for how much your site’s links are worth.
Affiliation programs involve placing an ad on your site, receiving a commission for sales your ad drives. The rest is entirely up to you. Where you put the ad, how you explain it. The better you do at driving relative traffic, the more money your affiliated partners will make, thus the more commission you will receive.

This guide summarizes a few key concepts in creating a blog, traffic for your blog, and the various methods of making money from blogging. Monetizing is a difficult entrepreneurial process, but plenty of people figure it out with some elbow grease.

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