WWW Block: Kid-Friendly

As an involved parent, you’re aware of your child’s habits and interests. Most children, including yours use the internet on a daily basis, and the majority of these kids are searching totally harmless material. Regardless, they will eventually come into contact with less-than-stellar people, with less-than-stellar intentions. Not to worry, we can limit those chances!

For obvious reasons, you don’t want your child communicating with or being recorded by an anonymous advertiser or.. creep. Your child’s personal information- and their safety, are your priority, and you can take these steps to protect them.

  • Download a reliable virus protector and scanner

Most newer PCs come with Windows 10, which uses Windows Defender to protect the device right out of the box. It’s quality software, and you’ll likely be able to set it up quickly for an efficient safety net. That said, not all PCs will come with Windows Defender, and not all kids use a PC to browse social medias and forums. I recommend McAfee in this situation, because of it’s long history and great reviews.

  • Set restricted websites

Virus protectors (like Windows 10 and McAfee) will have settings you can use to restrict access to certain websites. Lewd sites, gambling sites, weird gaming sites, if you have problems with your child’s amount of time spent online, you can also restrict by duration and time of day.

  • Communicate!

Children need privacy, and there’s a balance to be kept. Try communicating about your real concerns in the way your family communicates. Whether or not they seem to listen, eventually your words will become a lesson. From here you can search your child’s online profiles from another computer or view their browsing history from theirs for a better sense of their interactions.

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